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Wallet 4.0

Another wallet!!! I've been promising my aunt a wallet for a while, but I just didn't have the time (or the will). I promised that I would have it for her on Christmas, and I finished just in time.

I used the same pattern as before, with the same modification to the zipper. It's so much easier to put together this way. I used a
blue abstract patterned cotton for the main fabric, and navy blue cotton for the lining.

Makeup Bag 2.0

I already made my best friend, Sam, an ipod case for Christmas, but I wanted to give her something else. I decided on a makeup case.

I used a home decor weight print that I've been hoarding, and lined it in a cream cotton. I used a grey zipper since it was all I had, but it seems to work nicely. I love the tip about using the squares to help the zipper sit nicely, it really does make a difference. It was so much easier to insert the zipper, and made the finished product look so polished.

Earring Holder

Recently, I've noticed my mom's earrings have all gravitated to my bathroom's medicine cabinet. I thought that she'd wear them more often if she had them out somewhere where she could see them easily. Thus, this idea was born. I looked up several tutorials on how to make an earring holder, and then went to work.

I picked up a cheap frame from the Christmas Tree Shop, and my dad got the screen from the hardware store. I took the glass and backing off the frame, and cut a rectangle of screen, slightly bigger than the size of the frame. Then I stapled! My dad got me my very own electric staple gun as an early Christmas present, so I had lots of fun! I was going to staple the screen into the lip where the glass went, but it was impossible to get the screen as taught as I needed it. Instead, I stapled it to the very back of the frame, making sure it was tight all around.

I'm really pleased with how this turned out. I was a bit worried about using a staple gun for the first time, but it was actually very easy. I might make a few more of these, maybe with some hooks on the sides for necklaces and bracelets, as well.

Yankees Wallet

Why do my cousins insist on having me make Yankees things for them?! I will convert them into Mets fans one of these days. Anyway, my youngest cousin, who I made the Power Ranger wallet for 2 years ago, asked for a new wallet with the Yankees logo on it for Christmas.

I used the same velcro wallet pattern as before. The main fabric is a cream color, and the lining is dark, yankee blue. I mixed the fabric paint to get the same blue, and stenciled the logo on the front.

 2 down, and 4 (or 5) to go!

Another iPod Case

I finally stopped procrastinating today and started working on presents for Christmas. I decided to start small and make an iPod case for my friend.

She picked out the fabric and it is lined in hot pink. I decided against using elastic as a closure because the button is a bit small. Instead, I used a length of ribbon that I had in my stash for the closure. 

No-Sew Cape

I've been following PS I Made This for a while, but today is the first time I've actually made something of hers. I'm pretty sure I'm addicted.

I followed her instructions to make this cute no-sew cape. I used a little less than 2 yards of this fabric that I've had forever. I did make some small changes. Before making the cape, I cut a 3" wide strip down the long side of the fabric for the belt, instead of using the scraps. I also only cut a 2" strip down the middle. I am completely in love with this cape.

Wallet 3.0

I made this wallet for my mom's friend/coworker.

Her only request was that it be green, so I chose this awesome calico print, and paired it with plain black.She really liked it.

I used the same pattern that I used for my mom's wallet. I still hate the zipper, and ended up changing it when I made a wallet for my friend's birthday (unfortunately, I didn't take any pictures).
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I'm back!! My mom has been bugging me for a phone case, and I just finished it up today.

I used the same fabric that I used for her wallet, and I used the same pattern that I created for the iPod cases I made for Christmas presents. And, here's a close up of the button, because I think its the cutest!!! (and reminds me of an owl <3)

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