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i'm not your star...

10 August 1987
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I live in awesome Albany, NY. I'm in grad school and mooching off my parents until I can find a job.

I have an unhealthy obsession with television, music, sports, and sewing.

I have several OMGFavorite tv shows. Namely, Supernatural, Leverage, Glee, CSI: NY, True Blood, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Project Runway, and So You Think You Can Dance. Plus any sporting event that happens to be on tv at the moment.

If I tried to list out all my favorite bands, I'd be here until I died. My all time faves are Bon Jovi and Gavin DeGraw, but I listen to everything from classical to metal to jazz to pop to punk. I love going to concerts, and have to go to at least a couple a year. Also, CDs are a weakness for me. I can't download music, I have to have a CD that I can actually touch.

I love sports. I can't play them to save my life, but I love watching them. I love college basketball, pro basketball, football, tennis, and baseball. I'm fanatic about the NY Giants, NY Mets, UA Great Danes, St. Rose Golden Knights, Rafa Nadal, and Denver Nuggets.

And sewing. I'm a total craft geek. I love cross stitch and reconning old clothes. I hope to open my own online store to sell my things, once I build up a stock.

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